Amaretto Sunset Beer, Cocktail Recipe  

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Amaretto Sunset Beer, Cocktail Recipe

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    The Amaretto Sunset Beer, Cocktail recipe is made with a combination of Triple Sec Almond Liqueur, Cider Beer, Ice Cubes, and . Served in a Beer Mug.
    Learn how to make a Amaretto Sunset Beer, Cocktail check out the full cocktail recipe details below.

 Amaretto Sunset Beer, Cocktail Recipe Ingredients:

You will need the following ingredients to make a Amaretto Sunset Beer, Cocktail.

  How to make a Amaretto Sunset Beer, Cocktail:

Shake ingredients in bartender`s mixer quickly. just 5 shakes. Strain out ice. serve in glass immediately with a slice of orange. It should taste orangey. almondy. appley. all together. An Autumn drink. You may alternately wish to serve it with an alm. We present to you the Amaretto Sunset Beer, Cocktail. Served in a Beer Mug

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